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  • Seed and Grain-Vegetable Seed

  • Optimize Drying Processor

    Optimize Drying Processor

    Automatically drying is the basic principle of every control unit which Agratechniek installed. Measuring and modulated controlled steering is a must by automatism a drying installations. The modification costs would be recovered by more economical drying with a better result.

  • Model Z  - Seed Separator Machine

    Model Z - Seed Separator Machine

    The separator model Z is a machine designed to separate seeds by aspirating on specific weight in a vertical Z shaped column, for seed productions as well as laboratory purposes. Specially developed for gravity separation of small batches with high accuracy. The accuracy equals a gravity table or is even better with flat and/or long seeds. Model Z is a machine designed to separate seeds by aspirating on specific weight in a vertical Z shaped column,...

  • Model SL 50 - Air-screen Cleaner

    Model SL 50 - Air-screen Cleaner

    The SL 50 air-screen cleaner is the smallest version of the SL and suitable for all kinds of seeds. This small Air-Screen Cleaner is used for small seed production lots and breeding plots, laboratory purposes, but even to process commercial seed multiplications (e.g. flower seeds). A wide range of sieves makes the machine suitable for almost any crop.The SL 50 is available in 2 versions; 50-2 and 50-3. The 50-3 version has 3 sieve levels for more...

  • Vacuum Transport System

    Vacuum Transport System

    Vacuum transport; The best option for transporting vegetable seeds in a fast, safe and clean way. The vegetable seeds can be sucked up manually or automatically with a suction pipe or directly underneath a container or silo. The seed can be transported horizontally or vertically. No damage of product because of special formed tubes and connections.

  • Draw Dryer

    Draw Dryer

    This dryer or ventilator can be used to dry or ventilate small amounts of (basic)seed. The dryer consist of drawers in which trays containing seed can be placed. A ventilator sucks heated or conditioned air and divides it among the trays. This way the small amounts of seed get dried perfectly

  • Model N - Seed Separator

    Model N - Seed Separator

    Separator model N to sort seeds by aspirating on specific weight in a vertical air column, directly behind the vibratory feeder. Open system combining relatively high capacity and easy access, resulting in high efficiency (samples per hour). Because of the precise construction and the smooth finish, the N model is practically self cleaning, and needs no or only a very short time for clean-out between samples. Ideal for cleaning of samples in plant...

  • Model SL-80 - Air/Screen Cleaning Machines

    Model SL-80 - Air/Screen Cleaning Machines

    The SL-80 Air/Screen cleaning machines is the largest unit of the SL range. Fitted with 3 sieves, this machine is specially developed for handling all kinds of seeds, including the difficult ones and grasses. The main difference with other SL models is the third screen, together with a skid plate between the first and the second screen, to improve the accuracy and quality of cleaning (the second screen is used at its full length just...

  • Model TL 80 - Air-Screen Seed  Cleaner

    Model TL 80 - Air-Screen Seed Cleaner

    The TL-80 air-screen cleaner is the top capacity cleaning and grading machine. The machine is designed for operation in vegetable and flower seeds as well as stock seed multiplications in breeding programmes of all other crops, in all cases where you demand quick and thorough cleaning and maximum retention of valuable seed.

  • Onions & Potatoe

  • Process Control System

    Process Control System

    The balance between temperature, relative humidity and ventilation is important for drying and storing arable farming products. This demands constant measurement and regulation - Agratechniek offers reliable process-control technology. Experience of users: the more advanced installations are found to be the most efficient in practice. Agratechniek designs and installs both simple and advanced installations for process control.

  • Boxe


    Arable farming demands functional and durable boxes. Agratechniek listens closely to the users and manufactures these perfect boxes from selected timber and plate materials. You can choose from various versions and a wide standard program or for customized production. For boxes must match up perfectly with your operations.Arable farmers are increasingly opting to store their harvested produce in boxes. This usually offers economic advantages; product...