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  • Sensors & Agronomy

  • Nitrogen Fertilisation Tester

    Nitrogen Fertilisation Tester

    The amount of nitrogen that is necessary for an optimal grain harvest changes from year to year and also alters according to field and grain variety. Measurements with the YARA N-tester give the farmer precise information about the current nutrient uptake condition of the plants. It is thus possible to derive the optimal amount of the individual doses at any time. Even small differences in the nitrogen uptake - for instance through different...

  • Nutrient Mapping Agronomy

  • Ground Scanner

    Ground Scanner

    Differences within the plant stand are mainly due to the soil. The use of a ground scanner offers a first impression of these relative differences. EM 38 measurements are the basis of the sub-area related plant production: the influence of the soil can thus be precisely determined for the sub-area related seeding, soil cultivation, fertilising and the variable pest management.

  • CPS & Steering

  • Model EZ-Guide 250 - Trimble Guidance System

    Model EZ-Guide 250 - Trimble Guidance System

    EZ-Guide 250 is a perfect tool for a first-time GPS-user. It is easy to handle and clearly arranged: a compact all-rounder for tough applications. Although it serves firstly as a manual guidance system it can be upgraded to Trimble EZ-Steer. EZ-Guide 250 is available with a pass-to-pass accuracy of 10-30 cm (EGNOS).

  • Terminals & Integration

  • Agronomic Terminal

    Agronomic Terminal

    The agronomic terminal is a Windows based Tablet PC with an integrated touch screen, which is not affected by the tough conditions in agriculture. Together with the software Precision Farming Box it is used to control the YARA N-Sensor and the YARA N-Sensor ALS. The agronomic terminal can communicate with all types of fertiliser applicators and sprayers. The variable distribution of lime or potassium and phosphorus fertiliser becomes child’s...