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  • Landroller


    This 3 section machine is used on mainly pulse and forage crops to push rocks down into the soil so that during harvest, equipment damage is minimized.  It is available in sizes ranging from 40' to 52'. Heavy 1/2' wall 42' diameter pipe is used on the Agri-Tech landroller, and extra weight can be added by filling the drums with water. All rollers come equipped with Farm/Highway Service tires to enable easy travel in the extremely narrow transport...

  • Straw and Chaff Spreader

    Straw and Chaff Spreader

    The Agri-Tech Straw and Chaff Spreader is a dual fan spreader that can be mounted to most combines.  A must for zero and minimum till operations, it is able to spread straw and chaff evenly past 40 feet. Spreading your straw and chaff reduces tillage costs, windrows, and seeding problems, while simultaneously reducing straw and chaff build-up on the rear of your combine. With extremely low horsepower requirements (9.5-11 hp) and the ability to...

  • Wing-Back Air Drill

    Wing-Back Air Drill

    Agri-Tech Manufacturing's new Wing-Back Air Drill is a shining example of innovation, functionality, and simplicity. With working widths up to 70 feet, the Agri-Tech Wing-back Air Drill measures only 14 feet across in transport position.  This incredibly narrow transport width will put your mind at ease any time that you need to take the drill out onto the highway. Each 3 row section of the drill is 7 feet wide and floats independently for...

  • Noble Blade

    Noble Blade

    Over sixty years of research and development has gone into the Agri-Tech Noble Blade Cultivators.The blade plow makes a horizontal cut under the surface with only minimal disturbance to the trash cover. The stubble shelters the soil from wind and dryness, soaking up rain and slowing down evaporation. 90% of crop residue is left on top of the ground with each pass.Undercutting disrupts capillary action, keeping moisture where it belongs, in the...