Agria S.r.l was born in Ragusa in 1990 thanks to the founding associates, Dr. Giovanni Frasca and Emanuele Cavedagna, agronomist doctors, experts in the field of fertilizers and the various problematic requirements regarding the nutrition in the biological and conventional agriculture. The company is specialized in the production of liquid fertilizers, in hydrosoluble powder, small cubes, conditioning, correctors, biological organic fertilizers, organ-mineral fertilizers etc. Our range of products, thanks to the effectiveness of the same, has found a great success both in Italy and in the foreign markets.

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Zona industriale III° fase , Ragusa (RG) , 97100 Italy

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Internationally (various countries)

Agria has moreover at disposition a technical, dynamic and young staff ready to answer to the various demands and requirements of the consumer, with the aim of being able to subject the information and supports necessary for the resolution of the problems regarding the different kinds of agricultural cultivations.

As operators in the field of the fertilizer production, Agria puts to the service of agriculture a series of organic biostimulanting and mineral products necessary during the increase of the plant and in the successive phases for obtaining an excellent production.

Experimental tests, carried out by our specialists have given optimal results both in greenhouse and in open field cultivation. Thanks to the experience matured in the course of the years and the development of new solutions, Agria is able to submit fertilizing schemes studied for each kind of crop.

Moreover, a line of Agria products is admited in Biological Agriculture, (According to table 1 of appendix 13 of the Legislative Decree 217/2006) and therefore it is regularly enrolled to the ISNP (Experimental Institute for the Nutrition of the Plants).

Agria proposes in its site more than 80 products, subdivided for categories in order to facilitate the customer in the vision and the choice of the fertilizer adapted to their own requirements.