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  • Model ST20 - Robust Monitor

    Model ST20 - Robust Monitor

    agriCAD ST20 is equipped with a large and robust monitor to be kept in the cabin and from a professional GPS antenna which guarantees an accuracy of 20 cm between a pass and the next. The system is used for all the work of preparation, treatment, fertilization and harvest. Users of GPS guidance systems parallel believe they have had more benefits than costs. The system allows to speed up processing, reduce operating times, optimize...

  • Model ST20 Slope - Robust Monitor

    Model ST20 Slope - Robust Monitor

    agriCAD has developed a technology for the control precision of the machine even in areas with high inclinations. Usually in these conditions agricultural processing are more complex. The combination of a double satellite receiver, allow to minimize the errors of positioning on the ground.

  • Model ST2 RTK - High Precision System

    Model ST2 RTK - High Precision System

    agriCAD has expertise in developing high precision systems. ST2 is the solution that guarantees an accuracy of 2cm. The accuracy of the system is obtained using RTK. The ST2 uses a receiver on the machine and a fixed base (to be mounted on a tripod, the silos, etc..) for corrections.