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  • Presto Detacher

    Presto Detacher

    Cow, group and herd information on milk production, milk quality, health, milk flow rates and unit on time is available at cow-side with the Presto Detacher or is summarized one of the Herd Tracker Dairy Management Systems to simplify decisions on herd, parlor and operator management. This is an essential tool when milking fresh cows or whenever information is needed on the spot.  The Presto uses the patented 'Smart Sensing' technology to monitor...

  • Tie Stall

  • Freedom Compact - Detacher Eliminates

    Freedom Compact - Detacher Eliminates

    The Freedom Compact™ Detacher eliminates vacuum drops during detaching for a better quality milking because it uses an electric motor to detach the claw.  Conventional vacuum cylinders or vacuum motors require larger vacuum pumps to operate and continually suck dust and dirt from the barn environment into the vacuum system. The Freedom Compact™ is the most advanced management system for today’s stanchion barn operator.  The...

  • Freedom - Vacuum Cylinder

    Freedom - Vacuum Cylinder

    This Freedom uses a vacuum cylinder to take-off the milking unit from the cow.  It uses AIC's patented smart milk sensing technology to determine end-of-milk providing consistency of detaching every milking at every cow. The Freedom sensing technology is the most advanced management system for today’s stanchion barn operator.  The FreedomTM generates information on milk temperature, yield, SSC, and flow for each individual cow. ...

  • Fast Connect

    Fast Connect

    Made of high density nylon composite, it prevents air leaks and a ensures a positive contact for good quality milking over the long run.  AIC makes this product available at an affordable price so that more dairymen can benefit from this low maintenance approach. The FastConnect™ is a patented connecting system for milk, vacuum, electric power and data transfer lines, suitable for any tie-stall milking system. 

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  • Herd Tracker Plus

    Herd Tracker Plus

    The Herd Tracker Plus is an intuitive tool that tracks performance to assist you in achieving udder/herd health and labor/parlor efficiency goals. Herd Performance trends such as total and average yield, SCC indicator monitoring and high temperature cow alarms are reported by milk session and milking group for a quick overview of the status of the herd. Information is easily accessible on a user friendly touch screen giving an instant picture of the...