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  • AgriDry - Gravity Grain Spreader

    AgriDry - Gravity Grain Spreader

    The AgriDry Gravity Grain Spreader is the only spreader that will spread the fines of the grain without compromising quality. Our spreader is gentle on the grain. Uniformly distribute fines with the AgriDry Spreader to eliminate coring so you can store and sell all the grain you buy.

  • AgriDry - Batch Dryer Controller

    AgriDry - Batch Dryer Controller

    Batch Mode is a Moisture Controller for a High Temperature Batch Dryer, either in-bin or portable. Temperature sensors are used to control the moisture of the grain. You can have up to 6 sensors spaced throughout the grain in the dryer. The Bullseye Controller averages these sensors to a set point. When the average reaches the heater off at set point, the Bullseye Controller turns the heater off. The cooling fan...

  • AgriDry - Bullseye Bin Controller

    AgriDry - Bullseye Bin Controller

    The Bullseye Controller Monitors EMC and CEMC to run fans during storage. The Bullseye will effectively manage moisture content to eliminate shrink and maintain condition of the grain in storage, adding valuable shelf life, promoting zero bin entry to increase safety on site and improving margins. Get more out of your storage bins with AgriDry.

  • AgriDry - CFLOW Dryer Controller

    AgriDry - CFLOW Dryer Controller

    The Bullseye CFlow Dryer Controller uses a combination of grain temperature sensors and a grain moisture sensor to automatically control your dryer to dry your grain to the desired moisture content. The auto adjust feature automatically adjusts the set point for the grain temperature sensors to control the moisture at the discharge.