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  • Biological Agriculture

  • Compost Starter

    Compost Starter

    Compost Starter is a package of microbes that aid in the breakdown of carbons in the composting process.

  • BIO AID - Model WS - Dry Microbial Soil Inoculant

    BIO AID - Model WS - Dry Microbial Soil Inoculant

    BIO AID WS is a diverse blend of naturally occurring nutrient-cycling microorganisms to help enhance and regenerate the biodiversity of the soil and root rhizosphere, improve the accumulation of RAS (root adhering soil) and aid in the storage and release of plant nutrients from the soil.

  • Organic Agriculture

  • Seed Treat Rhizosphere

    Seed Treat Rhizosphere

    The purpose of BAC PAC SEED TREAT is to inoculate the rhizosphere with known plant-beneficial microorganisms.

  • Model 2-0-2 - Liquid Nitrogen Supplement

    Model 2-0-2 - Liquid Nitrogen Supplement

    2-0-2 is designed to be used as a nitrogen supplement for organic crop production. It is not intended as the total nitrogen source. Crop rotation, compost and other organic soil building amendments are encouraged.

  • Basic - Model O 1 1 5 - Nitrogen Nitrate

    Basic - Model O 1 1 5 - Nitrogen Nitrate

    SUGGESTED USES: BASIC O™ 15 is designed to be soil applied, foliar applied, or fertigated. BASIC O™ 15 is not meant to be used as a complete fertility program.

  • Handling & Storage

  • Pumps


    AgriEnergy Resources carries a 4 HP Honda liquid pump, which has worked well for many customers.

  • Hoses


    High-quality EPDM all-weather hose rated for both suction and discharge use. Available in 1 ½ , 2, and 3 inch diameters.

  • Tanks


    AgriEnergy Resources is a regional distributor of Snyder Industries agricultural tanks. These are high-quality seamless polyethylene tanks, available in many sizes and styles ranging from cone mixing tanks to vertical bulk storage tanks.

  • Liquid Nozzles

    Liquid Nozzles

    AgriEnergy Resources has access to several liquid nozzle manufacturers, with a variety of nozzles to fit any application situation. From boomless to hollow-cone, air-induction to flat-fan, AgriEnergy can find the best fit for your operation.

  • Other Products

  • Penetro Meters

    Penetro Meters

    A simple device to measure the degree of soil compaction at depths of up to 18”, and helps to locate compaction layers.

  • Refracto Meter

    Refracto Meter

    Measures the dissolved solids or “Brix” of plant sap or other solutions. Higher Brix readings mean higher sugar, protein, and nutrient content in the plant.

  • Soil Probes

    Soil Probes

    These soil probes are easy to use, with a T-handle, side step, and hinged opening to easily remove samples at a depth of up to 8 inches.