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  • Heat Extraction From Cattle Manure Composting / Remediation

    Heat Extraction From Cattle Manure Composting / Remediation

    Agrilab Technologies Inc. A unit of the Acrolab Group of Windsor, Ontario, Canada has developed and designed a system for the extraction thermal energy from the process of aerobic decomposition (composting) of farm waste. The system extracts energy from the hot water vapour generated during the composting process. The system then transfers that energy into an insulated bulk storage water tank for farm heating and process water applications. The system...

  • Greenhouse Heating System

    Greenhouse Heating System

    The Greenhouse Industry will support most initiatives that may provide a practical and cost efficient alternative to the traditional means of heating greenhouse structures. The most common method of heating a greenhouse in a commercial setting is with the use of fossil fuels such as natural gas, fuel oil, etc. However, any alternative to exact a more efficient controlled interior environment suitable for plant production would likely be well received....