Agrilight B.V.

Agrilight B.V.

At Agrilight we focus on lighting for livestock housing and agricultural buildings. We bring together an in-depth knowledge of the market, research into lighting for livestock housing, our own R&D department and our own production facilities, enabling us to tailor our products precisely to the needs of the market. Ideal lighting in livestock housing will help you to raise performance, increase animal welfare and improve your working conditions.

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Vlotlaan 643 , TZ Monster , NL 2681 Netherlands
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The Dool Industries family of businesses is a group of companies that are involved in the fields of supplemental lighting for horticulture, lighting for livestock farming, high-quality assembly and development, energy management and electrical engineering:

  • Agrilight
  • Hortilux Schréder
  • AP Nederland
  • OEC
  • PL Light Systems

We work in many sectors but exchange knowledge, experience and production facilities.

Agrilight b.v. has a unique understanding of lighting technology and the targeted use of light for many types of livestock. Light intensity, day length and light colour all have implications for animal welfare and therefore animal behaviour. The correct balance between these three factors has a positive influence on livestock. Correct, uniform lighting helps to improve health and productivity, amongst other things. A well-designed lighting regime can, for instance, increase milk yields from dairy cows by 6% to 15%. In poultry, the correct light colour can prevent cannibalism and feather pecking and the lighting regime used can promote growth. Furthermore, a good light level makes a huge contribution to improving working conditions for you and your staff.