AgriMakina Imalat Ltd.

AgriMakina Imalat Ltd.

AgriMakina Imalat Ltd.

Agri Makina is on your service with its team including white and blue collars. Our team has an experience in hydroponic cultivation since 1998. Company added Agritom Units to its production line which can be describe as `FRESH Green Grass Growing Unit in Fastened Hydroponic Technics`. The company offers Agritom units to the market for local and international market with the experience of its specialized team. Agri Makina recently installed one of the greatest capacity plant in this sector at year 2012 which is another milestone for the company. The plant capacity is 10 ton/day which is known one of the biggest in world in its field.

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1139 Sokak No:2 , Yenisehir / Izmir , Turkey
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Internationally (various countries)

Agritom offers you to produce your own daily green grass.

In Agritom's hydroponic sprouting unit you can use grains like barley, wheat, oat or other seeds like corn, soy-bean, alflalfa, vetch. 

Our customers can produce their own daily green grass everyday and they economize their feed costs.

With Agritom you can start to produce your own FRESH, ECONOMICAL, NUTRITIOUS, ROUGHAGE everyday.

With Agritom there are no worries about the weather. Systems can produce daily fresh green fodder in any environment, either in desert either under snow or rain.

Agritom's fresh grass contains high value of vitamins, enzymes which are viable for animals.

There are Agritom Models starting from capacities of 100 kg./day to 50 tons/day.

Sustainable and profitable livestock starts with the right diet...

Agritom Using Areas:

  • Beef Cattle
  • Dairy Cattle
  • Sheep Farms
  • Goat Farms
  • Horse Farms
  • Camel Farms
  • Poultry Farms
  • Deers, rabbits and pigs
  • Zoos and Natural Habitat Parks