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  • Model MEC1000 - Pumps for Slurry Tanks

    Model MEC1000 - Pumps for Slurry Tanks

    Automatic lubrification, double outlet mainfold, side outlet mainfold, without mainfold with cover, special blades, special handle, silencer, rotating hydraulic cylinder. Pumps for slurry tanks - Ball valves and piston gate valves - Pipes and couplings - PVC and rubber hoses - Hoses clamps

  • Model LC01113 - Lighting Bar for Trailers

    Model LC01113 - Lighting Bar for Trailers

    Lighting bars, lighting bars for trailers, lighting kit - Lightings, reflectors - Working lamp, revolving lights - Equipments for electrical system .Bar for agricoltural trailer galvanized sheet-iron 2 mm thick complete with lighting-kit, rear male and female plugs.

  • Spraying and Irrigation

    Spraying and Irrigation

    Can bo lilted on all spraying and sowing machines. Eliminatcs the risk ol overdosage or lack of treatment on strips ol crops.The foam spreader is made from a single piece of EPDM and withstands accidental impacts due to uneven ground. Available in two heights (350 Of 180 mm). Safety valve located on tank plug adjusted at 1 BAR (15psi). Power supply 12 Vdc 9A. Tubing lenghts 33m. Cables complete with connectors.Newly designed tank made ol...