Agrio was founded in 1993 and since the era of old machines reconstruction at the beginning it has made a huge step forward. The Agrio team gradually developed trailed, mounted and self-propelled sprayers of highest quality with the booms span from 12 to 36 m, tank volumes in the range of 600-10.000 l. Currently Agrio is the biggest producer of field spraying technology in the Czech Republic and their products belong to the world’s best. Agrio has been developing and producing sprayers for over 17 years. Although at the beginning Agrio did not start from scratch. In 1993 the license was bought for sprayers production from a German company Schumacher who has been developing spraying technology for over 20 years. Therefore we can say that Agrio sprayers have been developed for almost 40 years.

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Mříč 66 , Křemže , 382 03 Czech Republic

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Internationally (various countries)
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Around 60 % of our sprayers go to the German market which has the reputation of one of the most demanding markets with strict rules and laws.
It all started in Kremze, in the middle of the town on 1200 m2, out of which only 80 m2 were indoor. Within next few years the whole area of 1200 m2 had been roofed. In 2000 Agrio moved to Mric where it is located until now on the area of 16000 m2 and with total 6000 m2 of buildings and halls. The halls are equipped with all the essentials such as crane, sand blasting room, paintshop, electric workshop, welding and assembly hall. The older halls in Kremze are used for reconstruction of older sprayers, testing and repairs.

In 2008 Agrio produced around 170 sprayers, which was close to the total capacity 180 machines a year. It takes in average 8 days to complete a sprayer. Agrio employs 66 employees, 48 of them are directly involved in the production.

600 sprayers operating in the Czech Republic make Agrio second most frequently sold sprayer brand after Hardi sprayers. 900 sprayers can be seen on the fields all around Europe. More than 1500 sprayers show that Agrio is a well-established brand.