AgriSolutions Inc.

AgriSolutions Inc. was formed to develop and market a new series of products and services specifically designed to increase agricultural producers’ profits in most major commodities. AgriSolutions offers a new line of accounting, consulting, education, software, and tax for producers. Since our beginnings, we have worked to keep families on the farm by helping agricultural producers be more effective business managers by way of our agricultural financial management services. Our full suite of financial services includes Accounting, Consulting, Tax, and Education. Representing well over 1 million acres throughout North America for nearly 50 years, AgriSolutions works to keep families on the farm by providing exceptional financial services to agricultural producers, helping them be more effective business managers.

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31832 Delhi Road , Brighton , Illinois 62012 USA

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Software vendor
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Internationally (various countries)


Since 1967, we’ve stood by agricultural producers, helping them obtain, understand and use accurate financial data with comprehensive agricultural financial management services.  We encourage you to learn how a partnership can help you gain confidence in gathering, understanding and interpreting your own financial data.

When it comes to producers, we know farming is personal.

That’s why we offer a customized, wrap-around approach that includes ag-specific tools and services built around accounting, consulting, education, software, and tax. Based on the operation and each producer’s unique needs, we assemble a team of experts and bundles for expertise with the right products, services, and technology. It’s a different configuration for each and every client, but we know through experience that it’s the best way to put the producer in position for success for today and build on it for the future.