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  • Hydro-Mulchers

  • Lancer - Model 500 - Hydro-Mulcher

    Lancer - Model 500 - Hydro-Mulcher

    Bowie’s Lancer 500 is used for the rapid application of hydro-mulch on residential lawns, new construction developments, and a multitude of smaller seeding projects. It is easily towed behind a pickup. The smaller size enables this Hydro-Mulcher to get into tight quarters. With a full size agitator, the Bowie Lancer 500 will handle loads faster and work smoother without clogging than competitive machines of this size. The optional flush system,...

  • Bowie - Model 300 - Hydro-Mulcher

    Bowie - Model 300 - Hydro-Mulcher

    The Bowie 300 is the smallest of the “Built Strong…Built to Last” Hydro-Mulchers. This piece of equipment is a wise selection for the small seeding and touch-up jobs. It is simple to use and easy to move into tight places. This unit will seed up to 4000 sq. ft. per tank load. This unit comes delivered to you with all the equipment needed to get started.

  • Aero-Mulchers

  • Model MG-30 - Aero-Mulcher

    Model MG-30 - Aero-Mulcher

    Bowie’s MG-30 is the smallest of our manufactured Aero-Mulchers. We believe this strawblower to be the strongest of the small models in the industry. This unit is powered by a 25 hp Robin Subaru engine. It has an electric starter with a full pressure lubrication oil cooler and a large dual element air cleaner for the toughest conditions. Our turret spins freely on ball bearings with grease fittings for easy maintenance. This machine comes...

  • Model SG-50 - Aero-Mulcher

    Model SG-50 - Aero-Mulcher

    The Bowie SG-50 is the intermediate workhorse of our manufactured Aero-Mulchers. This unit is powered by a 35 hp Wisconsin air cooled engine to give years of trouble-free service. The discharge gun has a full 360° horizontal rotation and the fan is dynamically balanced. The six (6) blade 23” fan will generate an airflow of 4500 CFM at a velocity in excess of 120 MPH. The feed tray is fully adjustable with a detachable extension.