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  • Model MCD Series - Continuous Mixed-Flow Dryer

    Model MCD Series - Continuous Mixed-Flow Dryer

    The MCD Continuous Mixed-Flow Dryer. Breakthrough in Paddy Drying Technology. The Relative movements of Grain and Air in the Drying Zone, producing 'MIXED-FLOW' characteristics resulting. Tailored for high capacity grain drying, ranging from 100 Ton/Day to over 400 Ton/Day.

  • Model CCD-120B - Cyclone Dryer

    Model CCD-120B - Cyclone Dryer

    CCD-120B for drying hand gloves, example rubber surgical glove, etc. Is of special design and construction of 3mm thickness 316L stainless stell sheets with unique feasures in automatic drying sequence. Loading and unloading of glove with the help of PLC and touch screen control system. Cyclone all air flow duct is 316L Stainless Steel of 2mm thickness. Fresh air in and exhaust air out so no recirculation of hot air. Made of high temperature heat...