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  • Seeding Complexes

    Seeding Complexes

    Production Enterprise Agro-Soyuz manufactures seeding complexes, designed for conservation agriculture. Direct seeding into crop residues causes minimum soil disturbance, prevents erosion and reduces water loss. When manufacturing this type of machinery, we implement the experience of global manufacturers of innovative agricultural equipment and consider requirements of modern agricultural producer.

  • Soil Tillage

    Soil Tillage

    Cultivation is one of the predominant operations in agriculture. Cultivation is a soil tillage, which doesn’t turn the soil layer, ensures loosening and partial mixing of the soil, levels the surface of a field, cuts weeds (if any) and incorporates fertilizers and herbicides. The main purpose of cultivators is tillage of the plowed soil, as it gets infested with weeds and covered with a soil crust. Cultivation makes sense before planting of any...

  • Forage Harvesting

    Forage Harvesting

    Double-drum stripper header «Agro-Soyuz-Slavyanka» is designed to harvest grain crops and grass seeds by means of direct combining.

  • Trucks


    KAMAZ is a leader in the market of trucks in Ukraine and CIS countries. KAMAZ group of companies — the largest manufacturer of trucks in Russia — occupies the 11th place among leading global manufacturers of heavy trucks and the 8th place in the world in terms of diesel engine production volumes.

  • Hangars


    Quickly built multi-purpose premises. Affordable and high quality quickly built buildings for agriculture, factories and personnel in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries. Hangars are hoop structures, assembled from structural steel with a tarp cover. Agro-Soyuz Holding has a 10-year experience of production and selling of hangars.