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  • Clima+ - Model 1000 - Heat Exchangers

    Clima+ - Model 1000 - Heat Exchangers

    Clima+ 1000 is the heat exchanger that delivers fresh air for manure belt aeration to poultry houses. The fresh air is pre-heated in the heat exchanger before distribution onto the manure belt. This improves the absorption of moisture by the air, offering optimized drying of the manure. The temperature in the poultry house is kept on steady levels, decreasing external influence and minimizing the risk of diseases in the birds.

  • Clima+ - Equal Pressure Ventilation System

    Clima+ - Equal Pressure Ventilation System

    Offer your laying hens free range in combination with a perfectly controlled house climate? The Clima+ Equal Pressure Ventilation System of Agro Supply solves the problems that exist with climate control in houses with open outdoor pop holes. With traditional negative pressure ventilation, the ventilation pattern is greatly disturbed when the pop holes are opened, the pressure drops and the majority of the outside air is drawn in through the pop holes...

  • Air Mix Unit

    Air Mix Unit

    The air mix unit contributes to an optimal climate at bird level and takes care of manure drying on the manure belt. The standard air mix unit is very basic and has a very compact installation size. The air mix unit contains two valve registers that take care of the inlet of the outside air and recirculation air (air from the house). An adjustable temperature control ensures that the house air will be mixed with the outside air. A centrifugal fan...