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  • Model AFA 40 (40a)  - FORWARDER

    Model AFA 40 (40a) - FORWARDER

    Engine Perkins 2.2 Maximum output 37kW, Cylinder volume 2200 cm3, Cooling water,Number of cylinders 4 , Brakes , Service brake Hydrostatic, Parking brake Wet multi-plate.


  • Model SP 561 - HARVESTER

    Model SP 561 - HARVESTER

    The SP 561 is a high-performance all-round harvester head. Maximum productivity. The SP 561 is specifically designed for varied jobs and offers very good characteristics all the way from first thinning to medium final cut.


  • Model AGR200 - STUMP CUTTER

    Model AGR200 - STUMP CUTTER

    Gear box unit driven through a cardan shaft, deriving from the tractor power take off, equipped with an additional connection for the reversal of rotation. Anchoring plate to the rear structure of the tractor.Support frame and orientation with hydraulic jacks for the orienting of the gear unit.Structure assembling by means of tie rods and supports to the tractor frame.Drill unit consisting of a centering drill and two blades with extension shaft.Spare...