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  • Harvista - Pre-Harvest Technology

    Harvista - Pre-Harvest Technology

    To get the best quality and biggest harvest out of your orchard, you need to gain more control over how and when your fruit ripens. With Harvista pre-harvest technology, control is part of the plan from the beginning. With a unique mode of action, you get better control of ethylene response—so fruit matures on your schedule, helping you expand the harvest window to keep fruit on the tree for optimal color, size and firmness. The result: better...

  • SmartFresh - Transplant Shock Technology

    SmartFresh - Transplant Shock Technology

    As consumer demand for higher-quality, fresher produce rises, retailers in turn demand the same from growers and packers. To help you meet the challenge, SmartFresh™ technology works with your quality-management program to help you deliver consistently better produce and capture key advantages and benefits. Optimizing returns, saving energy and improving peak freshness, SmartFresh™ enhances your storage systems to help you deliver on your...

  • EthylBloc - Flowers and Plants Technology

    EthylBloc - Flowers and Plants Technology

    Estimated to cause up to 30% of all floriculture losses, ethylene is a major problem for ornamentals. If left unchecked, it can degrade your flowers and plants by accelerating processes like flowering, wilting and abscission of leaves, buds, flowers and petals. EthylBloc™ technology gives you a proven way to fight back—through an ethylene action inhibitor that works naturally with flowers and plants to keep them fresher during...

  • RipeLock - Achieve Optimal Color and Extend Shelf Life Technology

    RipeLock - Achieve Optimal Color and Extend Shelf Life Technology

    When your bananas and other fruit can maintain premium visual appeal and keep their just-right taste and texture longer, you’ll score more business from shoppers and greater gains for your produce department. That’s why more retailers are discovering the unique advantages of RipeLock technology. This breakthrough, patented technology couples 1-MCP ethylene control with a proprietary micro-perforated packaging system that works together to...