Agrogana it’s a family owned business dedicated to the production of high quality roses. We started business back in 1997, and now our roses travel around the world showing their beauty. Located at the Cotopaxi valley in Ecuador and with an altitude that exceeds 3000 thousand meters above sea level our roses count with unique characteristics regarding stem length, head size and bright colors. We invite you to check our website and know a little more about us, our products and the care for our people and environment.

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Panamericana Norte Km 12 Via Jose Guango , Latacunga , Ecuador

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Globally (various continents)

BIO-DIGESTOR PROJECT At Agrogana during 2009 we started building a huge bio-digester. That big black dome in the picture with the cows is it. We add organic matter to a sealed reservoir; and as a result of an anaerobic process we obtain liquid biofertilizer and bio gas to make energy. The cows provide the manure, an excellent source of organic matter for our bio digester. BIO-CONTROL OF SPIDER MITES PROJECT As part of our compromise with the enviroment, in 2010 we started a Bio-Control project against an important plague: spidermites (Tetranychus urticae). The project consists in using another type of “good” spidermite that will feed on the “Bad” mites eliminating them from our roses. By doing this we avoid the use of toxic chemical applications to control this spidermite