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  • Full-/Empty Indicators

  • Capacitive Rod Probe

    Capacitive Rod Probe

    Basic rod 1m, extendable up to 4m, 18-230V supply voltage; signal output via potentialfree switching contact, automatic self-adjustment, mounting thread 1 1/2' gaslight

  • Model BD90  - Combi Rod Probe

    Model BD90 - Combi Rod Probe

    Combi rod probe integrated in underfloor suspensionbox BD90 for countersunk mounting, also in combination with the silo-temperature measurement

  • Jam Detectors

  • Model ANC33 EXII3DIP67T80°CX, - Universal Jam Indicator

    Model ANC33 EXII3DIP67T80°CX, - Universal Jam Indicator

    The multi-functional unit for all applications: all adjustments are made at the machine and not detached in the control room. Application: for all organic products in the humidity range of 2 - 45%, adjustable sensitivity. Adjustable pull- or release time delay in the range of 1 sec - 10 min. (this means that the productjam must last for the adjusted time X before an alarm is initialized). Signaloutput via potentialfree relais output NO/NC / auxiliary...

  • Elevator Control

  • Inductive Sensors

  • Capacitive Sensors