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  • Agromax - Feed Silo / Bin

    Agromax - Feed Silo / Bin

    Agromax biedt zowel staal en glasvezel silo's in elke hoedanigheid. Vanwege de grootte van de silo's worden deze uitsluitend geleverd in combinatie van een compleet uitrusting pakket of wanneer meerdere silo's kunnen geleverd worden in dezelfde tijd.

  • AgroMax - Flex Auger Filling System

    AgroMax - Flex Auger Filling System

    The drive unit consists of a frame with a direct drive flange gearbox motor with motor protection switch, Test level sensor and end-outlet. The overload-switch protects the flex auger from damage in case of blocking. The loading hopper/silo-boot, available in horizontal and 30˚ sloping models, is designed for easy operation and durability. Both, the single and double are provided standard with an inspection window, shaft and ball-bearing. Diam....

  • AgroMax - Pan Feeding Systems

    AgroMax - Pan Feeding Systems

    In the current competitive poultry industry, every poultry grower is looking to increase his production efficiency. The Agromax Pan Feeding System helps to achieve excellent feed conversion, has reliable operation and ensures more profits with its many advantages. To meet the different requirements of each broiler grower Agromax offers a selection of feeder pans to choose. Flooding pan: because of the windows, when the pan rests on the ground,...

  • AgroMax - Automatic Poultry Weighing System

    AgroMax - Automatic Poultry Weighing System

    Agromax automatic poultry weighing system model APWS in your poultry house provides a clear and continuous view on the growth of your birds. It electronically weighs, records and performs the statistic calculation of your birds weights. It gives close track of the growth to provide the poultry grower with advanced management tools to control and improve the birds' performance. Weighing computer and 2 weighing scales. The system can be operated very...

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  • AgroMax - Tunnel Fans

    AgroMax - Tunnel Fans

    A series of large size, quiet running fans particularly designed for ventilation of poultry houses. Agromax tunnel fans extract large quantities of air at relatively low power consumption and installation costs. Agromax tunnel fans have a sturdy design, they can be used freestanding as well. This makes it possible to shift them from one farm building to an other, if needed. The fan house is made of galvanised steel plate and provided with a protected...

  • AgroMax - Model SCC 7 - Stage Climate Controller

    AgroMax - Model SCC 7 - Stage Climate Controller

    Agromax offers a wide range of climate controllers. The main feature of the controller is that it is easy to install and very user friendly. The SCC is a modern, digital climate regulator for farmers who require a simple, economical basic system for the control of the climate.

  • High Frequent Fluorescent Light

    High Frequent Fluorescent Light

    Dimmable from 100% to 1%. Supplied in 2’ 60cm (18W). and 4’ 120cm (36W) or (58W). Lumens 1,600 - 3,200, 5.200. Life time lamp 50,000 hrs. No flecking like normal fluorescent light.

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  • Tunnel Inlet Doors

    Tunnel Inlet Doors

    High temperature causes heat stress which has a negative effect on poultry and other livestock productivity. This negative effect can be minimized by an evaporative cooling system.