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  • Biomass Processing Lines

  • Grain Dryers

    Grain Dryers

    Our dryers are utilised for drying four basic grains, legumes, oil crops, sweet corn, rice and other. The process of drying is constant and is realised using clean and heated air (without exhaust fumes) on the basis of convection. Appropriately selected parameters of heated air let to dry consumption, fodder and seed grain material. Each dryer is equipped with a drying column, a furnace with a chimney for fluid fuel, air filters (types M-816 and...

  • Components

  • Constructions


    For company installations we design and produce various constructions. They include: superstructures, supporting constructions, platforms, walkways, frames, guardrails, stairs, feeding hoppers, discharge systems, cones, hoppers, handling stations. Each construction is designed in accordance with the strength and technological rules.

  • Furnances - Steels Tank

    Furnances - Steels Tank

    Taking into account growing steels of requiring furnaces as for the quality, the type of fuel and ecological conditions, we offer a whole range of furnaces to a liquid, gas and solid fuel about the power from 300 up to 2500 kW. These furnaces are intended for the cooperation with roofed driers, drum driers or other devices of this type, where the heater of warm air is required. Furnaces are adapted to the assembly in the open air, they have the...

  • Bolting Mill

    Bolting Mill

    Bolting mill is for sieving transported material by the conveyor filling in. Depending on requirements bolting mill can be rotational or shock. In case of the revolving bolting mill sieving stepping for setting in motion with drive of the rotational drum with appropriate meshes. However in case of the shock bolting mill sieving is an effect of the vibratory move of bolting mill grating moved by the vibrator

  • Model RB-1,5  - Swipple Schredder

    Model RB-1,5 - Swipple Schredder

    Swipple schredder RB-1,5 to such biomass as: wood shavings, wood chips, chaff grinded down of straw, fragmented plates wood. The swipple schredder is a device universally used in lines for biomass drying and milling, being basic setting up preparing the raw material in lines of the production pellets whether of briquette of biomass. Swipple schredder RB-1,5 is a device, of which grinding down delivered material assigned to dry is a task, with aim of...

  • Moulds for Concrete

    Moulds for Concrete

    The company AGROMECH is a producer of moulds for concrete blocks for free development. Our offer includes a variety of moulds of different sizes and shapes which makes us able to customise any requirements and react quickly to market’s needs. The moulds are made in accordance with our own projects and with individual demands of our clients.