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  • Construction and Design Services

    Construction and Design Services

    The company AGROMECH has got a well-equipped machine park, mainly for plastic working of sheet, which enables to operate many contracts and enterprises for mass production and individual projects. We have got cutters for cutting sheet, either thick and thin. The maximum width of cutting: 25 mm. We use bending brakes to bend various profiles, i.a. angle brackets, C-rails, Z-bars, Omega-bars as well as other untypical shapes.

  • Technical Gas Services

    Technical Gas Services

    We are an authorised representative of the company Linde Gaz Polska, the biggest producer of technical gases in Poland and one of the world’s leaders. Our offer includes, among others, the following gases: nitrogen, helium, acetylene, argon, biogon, corgon, cronigon, carbon dioxide, span gas, mison, technical oxygen, technical oxygen, nitrogen-hydrogen composition, compressed air, varigon. Compressed gases are sold in singular cylinders or bonds...