Agroptima is a farm management software and mobile app that farmers use to increase profitability and crop yields. We are empowering farmers with the information and tools they need to make their farms more profitable.

Company details

Business Type:
Software vendor
Industry Type:
Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:


How did Agroptima start?

  • Whe realised how hard was for farmers to keep record of all activities done in a farm everyday. Without data, it is very hard to improve year after year.
  • For this reason we decided to create a new farm management tool, to allow them to work from the fields.
  • The goal of Agroptima is to empower farmers with the right tools and insights to make better decisions and be more profitable.


How is Agroptima developed?

  • Agroptima has been designed and developed by 9 farmers and a team of engineers in Barcelona.
  • We regularly meet to understand what challenges farmers face everyday, and we develop new features based on these needs.
  • We also listen to our clients, and we constantly develop new features that add value to all of user base.
  • Our aim is to keep Agroptima’s simplicity, but to constantly improve our technology for the best user experience.

  • Our mission is to create the best farm management tool possible to improve farm profitability.
  • We have won 10+ awards for our innovative technology.
  • Our biggest motivation though, is to have engaged farmers using Agroptima everyday, who are helping us build the future of agriculture.


The future of agriculture

  • Every time we will have to produce more with less resources, for this we will have to be more efficient.
  • We think that farmers are the key to implement inovation in agriculture, and our goal is to create the tools needed to achieve  it.