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Agrocomp Ltd is a Swiss success story. We have been manufacturing pig feeding systems since the 1960s. Since the company was taken over by Werner Reutegger, we have consolidated our reputation as a loyal partner to farmers by focusing specifically on service and support. Today, we are an established firm with 8 employees and partner companies throughout Switzerland.

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Industriestrasse 135 , Gossau , CH-9200 Switzerland

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Quality, experience and satisfaction. Our range has not come about by chance. The products are customised to your quality requirements. Only in this way can we advise you properly and thus make a sustainable contribution to your success.  
We manufacture and install for discerning customers who expect optimisation, and not just in the short term. Have you got a problem? We’ve got your solution?

2009 Zanomix – Liquid feed systems for piglets and fattening pigs

The liquid feed systems from Thomas Zanotelli were included in Agrocomp’s range of products in the second half of 2009. The process-controlled, semi-automatic feeding systems are perfect. They guarantee sufficient intake of liquids by the young animals and prevent fatty degeneration in the older animals. Read more...

2006 PIGNAP anaesthetisation system

Piglet castration that did not eliminate the pain involved had long been a thorn in the side of animal welfare organisations. With the amendment to the animal protection law, Agrocomp developed a first prototype at an early stage that meets the requirement of this law. The pioneer of today’s PIGNAP Pro device was born and ensured the discussion regarding anaesthetised piglet castration would continue.

2005 Relocation from Landschlacht to Andwil, canton of St. Gallen

It soon became clear that the space available in Landschlacht would not meet the requirements of Agrocomp in the long term. With its facilities in Andwil, in the canton of St. Gallen, Agrocomp has found the perfect location to expand its business activities.  

2004 Establishment of Agrocomp

Graf Agro Systems was transferred to Agrocomp after eight years. The alignment of Agrocomp consciously expanded the products offered to the company’s customers. More information about the various fields of activity of Agrocomp can be found on the homepage.

1996 Years of change

A major project in industrial systems, which had since become the 2nd pillar of business for Ernst Graf AG, forced the company management at the time to wind up Ernst Graf AG. With the establishment of Graf Agro Systems, the feeding and ventilation

1995 Junior Feeder

The Junior Feeder was developed as a slightly different version to the 7007, with some additional features in the flexibility of the programming. The Junior Feeder can also be used in combination with several feed computers.

1991 The 7007 – The pro for high-performance systems

All the knowledge gained over, what now amounted to, 30 years of feeding experience came together in the 7007. Whether it involves fattening, breeding or ad libitum, on one or several different weighing systems, or with 1 or 2 feeding processes in parallel (!) – new standards were set in the history of fully automatic feeding systems with the 7007. The 7007 easily manages even the automatic control of a grinding and mixing system. There really are virtually limitless possibilities.

1987 The 7000 series

A whole range of different feeding computers was created within a short space of time to meet various requirements. The 7001, the 7002, the 7003, the 7004 and the 7005 were specifically developed for different applications.

1984 G-3003 – Automation to perfection

The legendary G-3003 feeding computer represented perfection in the history of feeding systems. Using start times, feeding curves and the content values of the components, a fully automatic preparation and distribution system was created with the G-3003, which is still widely in use today.

1979 The Duromat – the first automatic feeding system

The electronic weighing system meant that the Duromat bridged the gap between calculated values, preparation and monitored distribution. Although the Duromat seems very rudimentary from today’s perspective, it was nevertheless a milestone in computer-based system technology – the world’s first self-calculating feeding system was born.

1974 The electronic weighing machine – the cornerstone of automation

The weighing machine, combined with a digital display, made preparation even easier and more precise. Incidentally, the weighing cells were developed and manufactured by the company itself and are still in use today!

1968 The first self-calculating feed preparation

Animals become slightly heavier every day and therefore require a bit more food. How much exactly was now determined automatically.

1964 First semi-automatic feed distribution

The feed was prepared manually in a feed barrel and a homogeneous liquid feed generated with a mixer. Even back then, the ready-made feed was pumped into the pen via a pump. The distribution of the liquid feed was monitored via radio waves (sender/recipient) using so-called flow meters.

1960 Establishment of Ernst Graf Ltd

Foundation stone for computer-based feeding systems in Switzerland