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  • Farm Machines

  • AGROTIS - Spool Sprinkler System

    AGROTIS - Spool Sprinkler System

    Coils - Automatic watering systems , in different sizes to meet all of the field irrigation requirements. The very meticulous construction, the many innovations and quality control make the irrigation systems  AGROTIS unique in functionality, performance and durability. Accept and polympek 50 & 60 meters.

  • AGROTIS - Model Plow - Farm Machines

    AGROTIS - Model Plow - Farm Machines

    Plough adjustable 10,12,14 & 16. The emphasis on geometry, the right fit and quality of the materials contribute to very easily pull the plow and fuel economy. The distance of the frame from the ground and the correct slope of the wings prevent the often plugs in the field.

  • AGROTIS - Model Grower GARRY - Double Rollers

    AGROTIS - Model Grower GARRY - Double Rollers

    Grower GARRY double rollers. Ideal for the laying of the field before sowing.  Reinforced chassis with hollow beam. Specially designed tower atsalolama. Double rollers regardless of the basis. Subframe with vibration for excellent working results. Ellatiria pomegranate aid. Italian springs nychaki. Optional hydraulic lifting cylinders.

  • AGROTIS - Model Hoe - Spud

    AGROTIS - Model Hoe - Spud

    The spud AGROTIS stands for advanced technology of the most important points. The wheels in each set for depth adjustment and two big wheels adjustable chassis make carving uniform, fast and easy . The spud is suitable for linear carving crops with plant distances of 50-100 m. Optionally mounted in spud and fertilizer box, driven from the ground.

  • AGROTIS - Trailed Sprayers Towed

    AGROTIS - Trailed Sprayers Towed

    Trailed sprayers 2500, 3000, 3500 & 4000 liters with hydraulic bar 12 to 15 and 18 meters. With enhanced framework of hollow beam. Tanker with 3 containers, hand washing and self-cleaning tank. Italian low-pressure pump with fully adjustable control. Main automatic filter cleaning. Sketcher in bar. Promixer for perfect drug mixing. Power footboard kotsadouras. Beck single, double and triple optional. Filter individually on each spray bar. Uniform...