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  • Hydraulic Boom Sprayer

    Hydraulic Boom Sprayer

    Hydraulic boom for sprayers with a length of 12, 15 or 18 meters is an indispensable tool for modern farmers in the area of spraying. The spray is much easier and more comfortable and now performed by the driver's seat with the main advantage to minimize the direct contact with pesticides.

  • Sub Soiler

    Sub Soiler

    Sub soiler with very strengthened frame, share of steel 3cm. and design of gradient allow plowing even in the hardest grounds. The share is equipped with security bolt, so in case of big obstacle, the bolt is cut without further damaging the sub soiler or the tractor. The main advantage of the sub soiler is that it achieves plowing without reversing the ground, it improves the land structure of soil by attributing to the best water...

  • Vibro Cultivator Flex

    Vibro Cultivator Flex

    Vibro cultivator flex is ideal for fast, easy and cost efficient preparation of soil. With the strengthened frame and the flex-pall springs, which are the most powerfull in their category, it can even succeed in the strongest grounds. The work is completed by the double serrated rollers with hydraulic or mechanical regulation that set the ground ready for seeding.

  • Model S-Type - Disc Harrow

    Model S-Type - Disc Harrow

    Disk Harrow Type 'S'Disc harrow type 'S', suitable for all types of grounds. After plough, it dusts the field by preparing it for seeding or planting. The draw bar moves independently from the back discs, by assuring complete contact with the ground, higher working speed and minimum retrogression. They dispose of automatic security for the transportation and are designed for uniform cutting and absolute leveling.

  • Scrubbers


    Scrubbers cleaning stablesScrubbers cleaning stables, snow, yard etc. is adjustable, reinforced chassis and removable blade cleaning.

  • Plough


    Ploughs are designed to help preserve the agronomic value of soil and to increase crop productivity. The remoteness of the framework from the ground and the right slope of the wings not allow us frequent plugs into the field. It has many settings to fit perfectly in any agricultural tractor! Adjustable plow 10,12,14 & 16. Heavy emphasis on geometry, the correct fuse and quality of materials, contributing to easy pulling the plow and fuel...