At Agrotronix, we are a creator, developer and integrator of embedded software and electronics solutions. What makes our difference is our ability to innovate! We develop for you products according to your needs and your expectations. In close collaboration with your teams and respecting your specifications, we bring to your project a personalized solution taking advantage of the latest technologies. And we also offer a wide range of standard products for everyday problems in the field. Our solutions aim to make embedded electronics accessible to all and to democratize their use. They are recognized by manufacturers for their innovative side and by users for their simplicity and ergonomics. Our experience in agriculture now allows us to apply our technology to other sectors such as: construction, handling / lifting and land use planning.

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150 rue d`Oslo 8, hôtel d`entreprises , DOUVRIN , 62138 France

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Software vendor
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Agriculture - Agriculture Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We are creator, designer, developer and integrator of software solutions and on-board electronics for farming, construction, handling/lifting machines.

Our solutions present various advantages mainly :

  • a high technology
  • an extensive product range
  • reliability, robustness & long life
  • user friendliness
  • low weight and size in cabine

AGROTRONIX offers a whole range of products for sprayers, sprayders, planter, manure planter,combine, trailers... that fulfill the needs of all types of users.

Installed as retrofit on carried, trailed or self propelled machines or alternatively delivered standard thanks to various agreements with OEMs, AGROTRONIX equipments fit in today's solutions of the modern world.
'AGROTRONIX: more than just a business, a real vocation'

'New technologies, including GPS, are poised to bring about a new revolution in agriculture that will be as significant as mechanisation was in the last century. More than simply a 'player' participant, we are seeking to become the pioneer partner in agricultural innovation. Supporting agriculture in improving productivity and optimising its impact on the environment are the two planks in our strategy.

The seasonal nature of our profession entails intuitive equipment; driven by a ambition to ensure that this is ultra simple to use, our teams bring all their creative talent to bear, fulfilling the multiple expectations of users.

To comply with modern farming worldwide, our equipment is compatible with the vast majority of equipment on the market. But in addition to this compatibility, our latest generation equipment supports the agriculture of today and tomorrow by offering in-cabin access to decision-making software tools and technical farming software.'


Finding a solution to match your project, this is the core of our business! At AGROTRONIX, we create, design, develop and integrate software solutions and on-board electronics. What sets us apart is our ability to innovate!

We develop products that are tailored to your needs and expectations. Working in close collaboration with your teams and adhering to your specifications,

we provide a customised solution designed to fit your project and benefiting from cutting-edge technologies. In addition, we offer a wide range of standard products equipped to deal with any issues that arise on-site on a daily basis.

Our solutions are intended to make on-board electronics more widely available and accessible to everyone. They are recognised both by OEMs for their innovative features and by end users for their simplicity and ergonomics.

Our experience in the farming domain enables us today to apply our technology to other sectors such as: construction, handling/lifting and landscape management.


Adapting and applying innovative solutions in order to meet market requirements Processing, harvesting, measuring, optimising… in today’s world it is important to make available new tools and new smart systems to optimise our environmental impact.

For many years, we have invested substantially in Research and Development to maintain our position as a pioneer in innovation and to anticipate technological progress. Thanks to our highly qualified staff with its extensive field knowledge and understanding of specific constraints, we are able to create increasingly economical and effective solutions.
Every project is unique and customised. It requires the full involvement of our team in order to provide you with a solution that fits your objectives. By working closely with you, we ensure that your equipment is customised at every level – electronics, IT, mechanics and design.
In order to guarantee you state-of-the-art technological solutions, we protect our research operations by registering patents on a regular basis.

Our customer service department is constantly listening to you. It is composed of technicians and engineers who master both technology and knowledge of agricultural machinery. Our service answers your questions quickly and efficiently in order to bring you the solution adapted to your needs.

Your unique contact: the Project Manager, who specializes in your activity and ensures the follow-up of your project, centralizes your information to simplify the contact with us. Thanks to it, you benefit from both the answers of our customer service and our design office.