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  • Storage Systems

  • Drying Wall

    Drying Wall

    By closing off the boxes at the end of the line, the air is blown through the product in a forced way. This means the drying and cooling is quicker and more effective, also in the middle of the box. As the product is stored separately, you are able to control the storage on small batches for the drying, cooling and heating.

  • Underpressure Suction Wall

    Underpressure Suction Wall

    When creating an underpressure between two rows of boxes, air will flow from the sides throughout the box and product. This system allows for a very large inlet area and gives proper distribution of air for potatoes as well as for onions.

  • Automation

  • Switch Boxe

    Switch Boxe

    By applying reliable industrial technology in the switch boxes, AgroVent is able to operate extensive and complex storage systems with simple, yet reliable hardware.  The modular switch boxes provide you with the required information, at a glance.

  • Other Products

  • Half-Round Ventilation Channels

    Half-Round Ventilation Channels

    The strong AgroVent half-round ventilation channels with perforation on the sides was developed especially to provide optimal airing for the product, whilst at the same time protect it against damage.

  • Heaters


    AgroVent has an extensive range of air heaters with a suitable capacity for every storage warehouse.