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  • Nitrogen and Phosphorus Management Aids

  • ContaiN - Nitrogen

    ContaiN - Nitrogen

    ContaiN is a nitrogen urease inhibitor that is a blend of NZONE MAX with NBPT. ContaiN advantages include: increases nitrogen availablity and uptake, manages nitrogen during key growth stages, triple action control of volatility, leaching and denitrification, no detrimental effects on the soil, drier formulation.

  • Nzone - Model GL - Nitrogen Fertilizer

    Nzone - Model GL - Nitrogen Fertilizer

    NZONE GL alters nitrogen fertilizer breakdown so that it's captured in the soil in a stable and available form.  NZONE GL is formulated for anhydrous ammonia and UAN.

  • Nutrient Blends

  • StriKe - Foliar Fertilizer

    StriKe - Foliar Fertilizer

    StriKe is a 4-0-18-12S foliar fertilizer designed to correct mid to late season potash and/or sulfur deficiencies.  StriKe has a low salt index and is chlorine free.

  • Borpak - Soil & Foliar Boron Blend

    Borpak - Soil & Foliar Boron Blend

    BORPAK is a complex 7.5% boron foliar product designed for cotton, vegetables, trees and other crops.  BORPAK can also be applied to the soil where boron levels are low. Boron is essential for cell division, development of cell walls, fruit/pod set and managing carbohydrate levels. BORPAK at 16 oz/a provides the plant with boron equivalent to 1lb.

  • CalForce - Nutrient Blends

    CalForce - Nutrient Blends

    CalFORCE is a 3% N and 8% Ca foliar fertilizer designed to strengthen plant structure and ensure plant quality.  CalFORCE is primarily used for cotton and vegetables.  (CalFORCE is not compatible with liquid phosphate).

  • Adjuvants and Specialty

  • Tyrant - Highly Refined Cotton Seed Oil

    Tyrant - Highly Refined Cotton Seed Oil

    TYRANT is a highly refined cotton seed oil designed to be used in place of standard crop oil. TYRANT provides rapid surface wetting and penetration of the leaf. TYRANT enhances the efficiency of pesticides and requires half the rate of standard crop oils.

  • Micronutrients

  • Lignin Magnesium 4%

    Lignin Magnesium 4%

    LIGNIN MAGNESIUM 4% is designed to be used in liquid fertilizers for all crops requiring magnesium.