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  • Rotary Harrow

  • Model SC - Rotary Harrow

    Model SC - Rotary Harrow

    FOR PROFESSIONAL USE - A product that matches excellent geniality, high technology and durability: this is what the professional industrialists want. So, this is the basic equipment for combined machineries and all the combinations with sowing machines. The SC line meets all these standards: high quality; power, reliability and durability.

  • Model CM - Rotary Harrow

    Model CM - Rotary Harrow

    Rotary Harrow FOR MEDIUM-LARGE FARMS - Especially suited to hilly and sandy soils. Unbeatable in burying vegetable wastes.

  • Model SM - Rotary Harrow

    Model SM - Rotary Harrow

    FOR SMALL FARMS - The SM series with the mechanical features of the SC and CM, has no problem in also satisfying small farms.

  • Model SCC - Pneumatic Seeder

    Model SCC - Pneumatic Seeder

    Big-load resistant conductor gears. Very thick tank with double-tank. Very large and thick support-flanges for protecting the bottom of the tank. Round knife-holding rotors to prevent stone-blocking.  Very7 strong knife-shaped teeth. High wear and tear resistance also in stony fields.  Great and strong shock absorbers conical rolling bearing even considerable jerks. Heat treated drive-shaft (inserted in the rotors)...