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  • AkPlastik - Polypropylene Manure Belts for Poultry Cage Systems

    AkPlastik - Polypropylene Manure Belts for Poultry Cage Systems

    The unique properties of polypropylene blend gives superior properties to the belts, such as improved tensile strength, impact resistance at the temperatures as low as -40oC, toughness, resistance to strong chemicals and low coefficient of friction.

  • AkPlastik - Egg Conveyor Textile Belts

    AkPlastik - Egg Conveyor Textile Belts

    The egg conveyor textile belts are in supplied in the form of herringbone wave. They pre-stretched and woven by high resistant polymer fibers for reliable and efficient tracking. 75 to 200 mm wide egg belts are available for egg handling applications for poultry industry.

  • Polyethylene and Polypropylene Sheets

    Polyethylene and Polypropylene Sheets

    We are capable of producing polyethylene and polypropylene sheets up to 1,700mm width, between 0.80-4.00mm thickness with two existing sheet production lines. Addition to this production TPO and TPE based sheets could be produced with improved elasticity upon application. The sheets produced are then thermoformed for automotive parts such as fender hoods, fan covers, door panels, separators, floor mats, trunk mats, roof racks and air-conditioner...

  • Batteries for Layers

    Batteries for Layers

    Double Galvanized Cage Flooring. Easy Sliding Doors. U Type Frame Bodies. Powerful Manure Extraction. Durable Manure Belts. Ultra Dry Manure. Egg Collection with Woven PP Belts. Lift & Fixed Recollection. Auto Propelled Feeding. Hoppers & Augers.

  • Rearing Batteries

    Rearing Batteries

    Adjustable Length and Height. Uniform Feed Distribution. Good Manure Handling. Productivity. Long Useful Service Life. Minimum Feed Consumption