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  • AKUAKARE - HDPE Cage Systems

  • AKUAKARE - Off-Shore Cages

    AKUAKARE - Off-Shore Cages

    Towing cages are designed to transfer the fishes in safe from fishing are to cage stored area. Those cages can be produced starting from 50 meters in diameter to any dimension with one floating pipe. The Tuna fishes can be transferred hundreds of miles alive from the catch area to storage area. The cages have a strong configuration to resist to all adverse weather condition during towing period. We can construct cages...

  • AKUAKARE - Tuna Cage Systems

    AKUAKARE - Tuna Cage Systems

    We are producing Tuna Cage with our know how and many of them are in us for along time. We have already produced a cage of 66 meter in diameter ( the circumference is 207 meters ) with two pipe which is the biggest in Turkey. These cages are manifactured to resist the worst open sea conditions and have sufficient elacticity and durability for such weather.

  • AKUAKARE - Aquaculture Cage Nets

  • AKUAKARE - Cage Nets

    AKUAKARE - Cage Nets

    AKUAKARE is located in Milas-MUGLA. It continue the production with twelve sewing machine and 12 workers and daily production is 800 kg. of net.Our shop is capable to handle nets between 2mm.-100mm. and rope thickness between no.4 up to 400. We are the first in market with 30 ton of stok capacity and 100 different typ of nets. Therefore we can meet all typ of demands in a very short time. We are able to produce 100 ton of net every...

  • Feeding Systems

  • AKUAKARE - Pneumatic Feeders

    AKUAKARE - Pneumatic Feeders

    AWe suggest to our aqua products feeder clients the pneumatic feeding systems. These machines are portative and easily montable and demontable on the vessels. These are handled very easily and requıre minimum maintanence . Those can be installed on all kınd of vessels such as steel, wooden, HDPE and polyester.