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Created by farmers, led by farmers and dedicated to serving farmers, the Alabama Farmers Federation first emerged from the Alabama soil in 1921. It's mission: to promote the economic, social and educational interests of rural Alabamians. By holding fast to the simple idea of strength through unity, the Alabama Farmers Federation has grown from 30,000 members just 50 years ago to become the state's largest, most active and most diversified farm organization. With more than 460,000 members statewide, the Federation's "one voice" delivers a powerful message, whether at the Statehouse in Montgomery or on Capitol Hill in Washington.

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A Story Of The Alabama Farmers Federation

A Story of Heritage

Alabama's rich farming history is more than just soil, plants and animals. The farmers who earn their living from the earth have carved a big part of that history, and when the Alabama Farmers Federation was formed in 1921, it became the unified voice of those men and women.

Created by farmers, led by farmers and dedicated to serving farmers, the Alabama Farmers Federation promotes the economic, social and educational interests of Alabamians.

Federation leaders founded Alfa Insurance in 1946 to provide fi re protection for rural residents. Alfa has grown into a top-rated insurance company with over a million policies in force.

With just 75,000 members in 1960, the Alabama Farmers Federation has grown to become the state's largest farm organization and with more than 400,000 members. The Federation's 'one voice' delivers a powerful message, at the Statehouse in Montgomery and on Capitol Hill in Washington.

A Story of Unity

Alabama Farmers Federation members are organized through 67 independent county Farmers Federations. Each county elects delegates to represent them at the Federation's annual meeting where the organization's policies and positions on state and national issues are developed. This grassroots leadership is what sets the Alabama Farmers Federation apart from other organizations.

The Federation implements programs and develops future leaders through its Young Farmers and Women's Leadership divisions as well as 17 commodity committees. The Young Farmers Program and Women's Leadership Division encourage and motivate members to be active in politics, their community and consumer education activities.

Farmers representing every commodity produced in Alabama serve on committees that set priorities for research and develop educational programs for producers. In some cases, these committees administer producer-funded checkoff programs.

A Story of Purpose

With organizations in every Alabama county, the Farmers Federation is an integral part of the communities it serves. Many farmers are schoolteachers, small business owners, ministers, parents and community leaders. Together, they provide the food, clothing, shelter and energy for a growing world. And farmers work hard to protect our environment and preserve our state's abundant natural resources.

As the voice of Alabama agriculture, the Farmers Federation works with government officials at the state and national levels to increase profitability for farmers. It also works to protect and enhance the standard of living for rural residents.

Federation members oppose unfair taxes and work to preserve crucial farm programs that are important to our nation's economic future and our national security.

A Story of Vision

As the world's population explodes, the demand for safe, affordable and abundant food continues to increase as well. Farmers meet those challenges by utilizing the latest technology and drawing on centuries of wisdom from farmers before them.

Thanks to advanced technology, one farmer can currently feed 155 people. In 1960, one farmer fed 46 people.

From our members who rely on us to protect their rural lifestyle and their rights to farm, to those who depend on these hardworking men and women to produce the food and fiber, the Alabama Farmers Federation will continue to rely on its wholesome principles to meet the challenges that lay ahead.

Help Us Tell Your Story

For just pennies a day, membership dues of the Alabama Farmers Federation provide numerous benefits, not the least of which is Alfa Insurance (available to qualifying members.)

Other benefits include discounts at hotels, savings on travel services, long-term care, stroke detection, mobile phone service, hearing aids, home security, vision insurance, identify theft, prescription drugs, mortgage services, log homes, automobile purchases, medical services, tires and rental cars.

A full list of member benefits are available on the Alfa Farmers Web site under the Member Benefits link.