At Sprayranger, we manufacture two standard models, 250-D and 300-D.  We also pride ourselves on being able to manufacture a sprayer to a Customers exact and individual requirements.   Our standard tank sizes are 2,500 litres and 3,000 litres, but if you require a certain tank size, boom width or other specification, we can almost certainly build what you need. All our machines benefit from the similar specification to sprayers that, while offering the same tank sizes and boom widths, are often far heavier. With 173hp on tap in the range-topping Sprayranger 300-D, courtesy of a turbocharged and intercooled five-cylinder engine, plus the power-to-the-ground guarantee of a ZF automatic transmission rather than a hydrostatic drive system, even the steepest slopes provide no challenge. Four-wheel steer is optional, and a variety of guidance and auto-steer systems can be specified.

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Alanco Agricultural – makers of the Sprayranger

LGP Innovators
Alanco Agricultural was one of the originators of low ground pressure (LGP) sprayers, and has been building lightweight, high output sprayers since 1987. We know how important a soil’s structure is to its ability to bear weight, its drainage, the nutrients it makes available, to a crop’s yield and to your bottom line. As concerns grow over the effect of heavier machinery, soil compaction and the cost of alleviating it, the benefits of LGP sprayers become ever more obvious.


Increase Your Available Spraying Days
The Sprayranger remains true to the principle of a genuinely lightweight SP sprayer. But less weight doesn’t  have to mean lower capacity. Tank capacities up to 3,000 litres and booms to 24m mean it’s well-suited to farms of 1,000 acres/400ha or more, but even the largest 3,000-litre/24m model weighs just 4,650kg when empty. The result is tramlines that stay shallow, and a sprayer that can travel when many others of similar capacity simply cannot.


Light Weight, Full Spec A lightweight sprayer doesn’t mean doing without the latest technology, either. Each Sprayranger is built to order, to the customer’s exact requirements, but all feature automatic transmission, air suspension and a high-spec operator’s cabin offering every luxury.


Models for Every Size of Farm So if you thought that LGP sprayers were just for the smaller farmer, read on. We can build a a Sprayranger to suit almost every type of farm, whatever the size or speciality (see right). If you value your soil, Sprayranger might just be the sort of sprayer you’re after.