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  • Drag Scrapers

    Drag Scrapers

    Drag Scrapers are used with laser control (optional) for precision finish, touch up, and limited land leveling They work well for short haul dirt moving projects, and for smoothing, and small jobs that do not justify the expence of a Carry-Load Scraper.

  • Wide Sweep Cultivator

    Wide Sweep Cultivator

    Culitvation at its very finest! The KMC Wide Sweep Cultivator is available in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 row models. Each model comes with one wide sweep gang per middle. Rear shanks are designed to accept either shares or sweeps.

Products by Besler Industries, Inc

  • Bale Loaders

  • Besler - Model 2000 - Bale Loader

    Besler - Model 2000 - Bale Loader

    The model 2000 is designed to mount on about any flatbed and it will allow you to move and feed hay with the truck and flatbed that you already own. Installing the model 2000 on a flatbed usually takes 2-4 hours. The low profile allows you to use the fifth wheel ball on your flatbed without having to raise it up higher than normal. For 'controlled feeding,' the Besler bale bed loader is the ticket. Unroll only the amount of hay needed, then move on to...

  • Besler - Model 3000 Series - Bale Loader

    Besler - Model 3000 Series - Bale Loader

    The double rotor rolling stalk chopper is a versitile tool with applicatons in most farming practices, from ridge-till to conventional farming. With no gearbox or U-joints to maintain, this low-maintenance tool will provide years of dependanble service.The proven Model 5400 is an aggressive Stalk Chopper. The 5400 has welded angled rotors set at a severe angle.

  • Tillage Equipment

  • Besler - Double Basket Assembly

    Besler - Double Basket Assembly

    The two ground driven rolling baskets will break up the clods and knock down esisting stalks to provide a smooth level surface. This is an excellent alternative to a conventional harrow. It eliminates leaving bunches or piles of stalks allowing for quicker decay

  • Besler - Model 2000 - Root Slicer

    Besler - Model 2000 - Root Slicer

    The Root Slicer is ideal for pre-plant seed bed preparation in a variety of crops such as corn, milo and sunflowers. It can be adjusted to cut the root crown from the ground allowing minimum till farming with little ground disturbance. Low tractor horsepower, and high-speed operation allows for quick and efficient ground preparation. Recommend speed of 8-12 mph.

  • Besler - Model 2800 - Cotton Puller

    Besler - Model 2800 - Cotton Puller

    The Cotton Stalk Puller is ideal for the removal of Cotton Stalks. It can be adjusted to pull or cut the cotton stalk from below the surface of the ground. The rolling basket on the floating parallel linkage will level the seed bed and help incorporate the cover crop. This allows the farmer to minimum till with little ground disturbance in a one trip operation.

  • Besler - Model 4000 - Sub-Soiler

    Besler - Model 4000 - Sub-Soiler

    The Besler Sub-Soiler is designed to help recapture productivity lost to soil compaction. Built tough to deliver exceptional results even under the most demanding conditions, the Besler Sub-Soiler will effectively break up hard pan and reduce soil compaction while minimizing the introduction of clods or slicks. Some degree of compaction results from every farming task. The Besler Sub-soiler will help reduce run off resulting in the retention of...

  • Besler - Model 4500 - Ripper

    Besler - Model 4500 - Ripper

    The Ripper is designed to help recapture productivity lost to soil compaction with minimal surface soil disturbance. It will fracture and lift the ground to effectively break up the hard pan and reduce soil compaction of clods. This will help reduce run off resulting in retention of expensive chemicals, fertilizer and irreplaceable top soil.

  • Besler - Model 6000 - Chop-N-Slicer

    Besler - Model 6000 - Chop-N-Slicer

    The Chop-N-Slicer will chop stalks, remove the root crown and prepare the seed bed for planting with one pass through the field. This ground driven machine with high speed capability will save time and money when preparing the ground for planting.

  • Besler - Model 7000 - Stalk Chopper

    Besler - Model 7000 - Stalk Chopper

    The Model 7000 is a double rotor rolling stalk chopper. It is a versatile tool with applications in most farming, practices, from ridge-till to conventional farming. With no gearbox or U-joints to maintain, this low-maintenance tool will provide years of dependable service. Designed for versatility, the 7000 Series Stalk Chopper features different rotor angle adjustments. Select from straight, medial or severe angle.  

Products by Cutting Systems, Inc.

  • Slasher Saws

  • Model DL-4400 - Classic Slasher Saw

    Model DL-4400 - Classic Slasher Saw

    The DL-4400 has what CSI calls a DOG LEG (DL) style saw box which gives the loader operator a better view plus more grapple room when pulling the tree stems up for the next cut. It is built from high strength tube and alloy steel by skilled workers to create a machine that is strong and durable. New innovations such as four larger 3/4 inch bar mounting bolts and a hydraulic cushion bar stop help maximize bar speeds. A one turn cam type chain adjuster...

  • Model DL-4400 - Revolver Saw

    Model DL-4400 - Revolver Saw

    The CSI Model DL-4400-R Revolver features a saw box that rotates to accomodate a left or right handed load operation. This allows the operator to orient the saw box in either position quicker and easier. The DL-4400-R also features a redesigned chassis construction to help keep the stems flat for smooth, clean cuts on uneven ground. As with our other saws, the Revolver is built from hi-alloy tubing and hi-alloy steel plate by skilled workers to ensure...

  • Delimbers

  • Model PTD-264 - Ultra Delimber

    Model PTD-264 - Ultra Delimber

    This 4-knife pull-thru delimber comes equipped with an integrated topping saw. It is suited for use in hardwood or pine. The 72' wide throat opening, a special roller, and our unique knife design makes delimbing trees smooth and easy. It comes mounted on a cradle constructed of high alloy steel. We also use top quality rotation bearings, pivot bushings, and rollers. Its ease of operation yields maximum production.

  • Model PTD-264 NTS - Delimber

    Model PTD-264 NTS - Delimber

    Our PTD-264-NTS is designed with the same rugged features and quality as our PTD-264, without the integrated topping saw for operators who do not require that option.

  • Model PTD-203 - Delimber

    Model PTD-203 - Delimber

    This 3-knife pull-thru delimber features a 20' throat opening. It is designed for less productive contractors harvesting pine and hardwood using smaller knuckle boom loaders. Available with or without a topping saw.

  • Delimber Trailers

  • Model DT-2500 - Delimber Trailer

    Model DT-2500 - Delimber Trailer

    The DT - 2500 Delimber Trailer was designed with mobility and flexibility in mind. Made with a single heavy-weight I-beam rail, the DT-2500 offers easy towability to and from the jobsite, and allows the operator to position it exactly where required for optimal production. The DT-2500 also features a heavy-duty 22,000 lb axle and 1100-22.5-12ply tires. The DT-2500 is equipped with highway lighting and a fixed front spade, and is available with your...

  • Model DT-2600 - Delimber Trailer

    Model DT-2600 - Delimber Trailer

    The DT - 2600 Delimber Trailer has same rugged features and mobility as the DT-2500 Delimber Trailer, but with heavy-weight dual channel construction. This allows you to carry one of our slasher saws on the trailer chassis during transport. The DT-2600 is also equipped with highway lighting and a fixed front spade, and is available with your choice of PTD-143, PTD-243, PTD-264, or PTD-264-NTS delimbers.

  • Model IDT-2800 - Independent Delimber Trailer

    Model IDT-2800 - Independent Delimber Trailer

    The IDT-2800 is a self-contained power unit including a diesel engine, hydraulic power pack, and radio remote which allows you to run our delimbers without attachment to loader hydraulics.

  • Felling Head

  • Model DFH-3526 - Grapple Felling Saw Head

    Model DFH-3526 - Grapple Felling Saw Head

    The model DFH-3526 is a grapple felling saw head designed for use on excavator-type carriers. The saw head incorporates a dangle hook-up system, and features bar and chain cutting technology. Expertly designed, and built from the finest alloy steel, our saw head is rugged and robust enough to withstand the daily punishment of a logging operation. The DFH-3526 is equipped with a 3/4 pitch chain, running on a 37”...

  • Other Products

  • Model 1850  - Firewood Processor

    Model 1850 - Firewood Processor

    The model 1850 is a one man portable firewood mill designed for ease of operation, high production and low maintenance. CSI employees have had years of experience in building firewood processors and was the original builder of the CTR model 1800 firewood processor. With all of our experience in the hydraulic chain and bar slasher saws, CSI has developed these firewood mills to be the highest quality, safest and most productive available. The model...

  • Model 6500 - Remote Power Unit

    Model 6500 - Remote Power Unit

    The model 6500 Power Unit provides an alternative hydraulic power source for slasher saws used in applications where the need for loader mobility prevents the slasher from being connected in a conventional manner. In most cases, the remote transmitter is wired to switches in the joystick handle allowing seamless operation of the loader and slasher. The remote sending unit can be easily moved from one loader to another. The radio has a range of several...