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  • Virtual Reference Station (VRS) Calculations

    Virtual Reference Station (VRS) Calculations

    As part of the VRS (Virtual Reference Station) concept, GNSS raw data streams are collected, evaluated and processed in a network mode on a central server in real time. To increase network stability, in addition to own GNSS reference stations (e.g., beacon stations) additional GNSS data sources from other service providers can be included.

  • GNSS-Tools

  • Alberding InspectRTCM - Content Analysis Software

    Alberding InspectRTCM - Content Analysis Software

    The Alberding InspectRTCM software allows detailed content analysis and verification of different GNSS real-time data streams. It supports various data formats, including RTCM 2.x, RTCM 3.x, CMR, CMR+, RTCA, AIS VDL Message 17 and a number of proprietary binary formats. InspectRTCM shows the input data contents as ASCII text and prints the transmission delay of the individual messages.

  • EuroNet - Version GNSS - Networking Software

    EuroNet - Version GNSS - Networking Software

    The EuroNet software package is able to process multiple GNSS reference stations in a networking mode. The networking can be done in real time or in post processing. The advantages of a reference station network compared to a single reference station solution are the higher system integrity, the homogeneous positioning accuracy across a larger region and the elimination of station specific errors. EuroNet could be used as a base DGNSS infrastructure...