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  • Headlocks/Lockups


    We all know that time is money! A lock-up that is easier to enter, creating a quicker and more positive lock-up, will provide more cow comfort.  Your cow spends most of her time in the headlock eating in the feed position. ALBERS ACCU-LOCK (patent pending) moves with her as she  feeds. Both sides pivot, creating easier cow movement, meaning more comfort, which means more feed intake, which will produce more milk -...

  • Water Troughs

    Water Troughs

    Protect your most valuable asset with a clean, fresh water supply! Ideal for freestalls or parlor barns. Works great for cleaning cross-over alleys that a flush system can't reach!

  • Free Stall Loops

    Free Stall Loops

    2-3/8' O.D. x 10 gauge. 'Super 44' hi-tensile tubing. 50,000 PSI yield strength. (Schedule 40 pipe is 30,000 PSI yield strength). Meets or exceeds G-90 galvanized coating. Loops normally spaced at 4' on center. Can be mounted to upright steel posts or to steel cross rails between posts. Wood mounts also available.

  • Footbaths


    Stainless Steel Footbath 8' x 30' X6' or 8'.

  • Steel Agricultural Buildings

    Steel Agricultural Buildings

    Pre-engineered specifically for your climate. Complete all bolt-together freestall building packages including our bolt together loop system, Albers headlocks, water troughs, gates and fans. Designed for ease of installation, durability, adaptability and cost.

  • RSI-Albers - Hutch

    RSI-Albers - Hutch

    The best designed year-round hutch on the market. Buckets available, as well as bucket clips. 18 and 16 gauge, round cornered all galvanized bottle holder makes feeding calves easier & more efficient. Bucket clip also available.

  • Group Calf Hutch

    Group Calf Hutch

    With 12’ x 16’ yard area, 8 headlock spaces with manger. Easy assembly.

  • ALBERS - Parallel Parlour

    ALBERS - Parallel Parlour

    FRAMEWORK: (Construction package) 2-3/8' diameter galvanized uprights. 3' x 6' galvanized rectangular tubing for cross members. Uprights can be cemented (recommended) or bolted in place.

  • Model DH - Manure Separator

    Model DH - Manure Separator

    The DH manure separator by Albers Manure Handling Systems, Inc. For efficient manure handling on both small and large dairy operations. Reduce odors - Recycle Water - All stainless steel construction.

  • Heavy Duty Pneumatic Crowd Gate

    Heavy Duty Pneumatic Crowd Gate

    Main frame built out of 4' x 10' structural tube (hot dip galvanized). Main gate frame built out of 6' heavy wall pipe and 3' x 3' square tubing (hot dip galvanized). Cable or solid sheet available. Heavy-duty drive train (with galvanized pipe). Motor & drive in 'center of gate' (no binding). Totally pneumatic (no electricity required). Fully bushed trolley wheels. Simple pneumatic design. All pneumatics have a 1-year warranty (repair or...

  • Portable and Stationary Hoof Trimming Chute

    Portable and Stationary Hoof Trimming Chute

    3' x 3' x .188' and 3' x 3' x .375' square tube frame construction. Axles are 7,000 lb. rubber ride torsion type. Available in single or dual axles. Brakes standard on rear axle or dual axle trailers, optional on single axle. New 16” wheels and tires. 2” “Bulldog hitch”. 5,000 lb. trailer jack. Complete fenders and DOT required lights. 30” x 30” x 60” storage compartment for power unit and supplies. Two stiff...

  • Dairy Corral Gates

    Dairy Corral Gates

    Available in 1.638' (1-5/8' O.D.) & 1.9' (1-7/8' O.D.) by 12 gauge hi-tensile tubing x 42' or 48' high. AIl gates have 2' x 2' square tubing on hinge end & manufactured to desired length.