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  • ALBION - Model SNT-2-290 - Seeders

    ALBION - Model SNT-2-290 - Seeders

    SNT-2-290 model is suitable for all types of vegetables. The machine is designed for the double line sowing and features two tandem seeding units, adjustable from 0 mm to 90 mm. Versatile ultipurpose machine. It can be equipped with as many seeding elements as needed to meet the specific requirements of the farmer and according to the different type of seeds. The tool bar ensures easy movement of the...

  • Soil Preparation

    Soil Preparation

    SIMON Different models are secondary tillage equipment , that is to say are designed to follow directly after plowing. CULTIRATEAU Range Patented possess different sets of blades working to obtain an excellent level of seedlings with compacted soil evenly across its width. After one pass of the team get a three-level structure with large lumps established in the bed base , a middle layer and finally aerated soil with a fine finish and ready for planting.