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  • Agricultural - Bale Handling

  • Albutt - Model F100 - Bale Spikes

    Albutt - Model F100 - Bale Spikes

    The Albutt range of Bale Spikes are designed to suit a variety of bale and machine types. Tines are bushed into the heavy wall box section frames, perfectly spaced to suit your required bale types. Typically all models kept in stock for urgent requirements.

  • Agricultural - Brushes

  • Albutt - Model AS - Sweep Brushes

    Albutt - Model AS - Sweep Brushes

    The Albutt Allsweep Tine Mounted Brush is a new simple solution to sweeping. Easily fitted to pallet forks, it can be used with any type of machine equipped with forks. The robust steel frame houses 11 rows of bristles to provide an effective sweep action. Complete with parking legs to protect the bristles when not in use. The Allsweep is suitable for a variety of applications from clearing grain stores and warehouses, to tidying yard areas, driveways...

  • Agricultural - Buckets

  • Albutt - Model BF - Bag Filling Buckets

    Albutt - Model BF - Bag Filling Buckets

    The Albutt Bag Filling Bucket is the ultimate time saving attachment for use in busy yards. It allows the quick fill of tote bags with heavy free flowing material such as sand, aggregate, gravel etc. To be used with any telehandler or loader, trailers and vans can also be filled with precise control. The design means that when bags are filled they can be accurately stacked or loaded onto trailers and trucks. The Albutt Bag Filling Bucket...

  • Agricultural - Forks

  • Albutt - Model B - Folding Forks

    Albutt - Model B - Folding Forks

    The Albutt Folding Fork is designed to maximise the potential of your clamp machine. By featuring wings that close during road transport, the Folding Fork can spread its wings for clamp use and such considerably increase its capacity. A market leading specification includes a 200 x100mm base tine holder, 1650mm genuine Hardox base tines, a shock protecting hydraulic accumulator as standard and use of Domex and Hardox in key stress areas. Trusted the...

  • Agricultural - Shear Grabs

  • Albutt - Model SKMB - Shear Buckets

    Albutt - Model SKMB - Shear Buckets

    The Albutt Shear Bucket range is based on the ultra high strength design of the Shear King range, providing excellent cutting capabilities on all silage types. The grab is taken directly off of the Shear King Mini and features the same high tensile steels (Hardox & Domex) throughout. The bucket floor is braced by underside Hardox tines for maximum durability. Across the front edge of the bucket is a specially commissioned Hardox cutting edge,...

  • Forestry

  • Albutt - Model DB - Dozer Blade

    Albutt - Model DB - Dozer Blade

    Heavy duty specification. High tensile steel body - 'Domex'. Hardened cutting edge 500 Brinell. Complete with brackets. Complete with parking legs. Bump stops. Manual or hydraulic angle control (30 degrees) to both sides. Ideal for grading tracks and roads

  • Model LG500 - Heavy Duty Timber Grab

    Model LG500 - Heavy Duty Timber Grab

    Hardox fork tines - welded. One piece grab. Ideal for bundles of cut timber. Handles green waste and tree stumps. Smallest log dia - 6 x 325mm. Largest log dia - 1 x 800mm. Opens to 1684mm. Twin hydraulic rams

  • Model LG1000 - Log Splitter

    Model LG1000 - Log Splitter

    10.0 tonnes force. Three point linkage (Cat 1 & 2). Hardox splitting edge. Auto ram return. Non slip splitting table. Protected hydraulic ram.Anti burst hoses. Two handed operation - for safe operation .

  • Site Pro  - Model WR - Heavy Duty Grapple & Rake

    Site Pro - Model WR - Heavy Duty Grapple & Rake

    Tines intermesh when closed. Notched tines for additional grip. Move wood, roots, waste without picking up soil. Seperate loose material.To suit telehandler and loader complete with brackets.