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  • CoCo - Peat Grow Bags

    CoCo - Peat Grow Bags

    Size 100 x 18 x 16 cm. Coco peat 80% & Crushed Chips 20% without dust. Bags are 400g UV stabilized Pe with a life of 2 years. Details of the full range of coco products manufactured for ALFAFA by ENINE Coir Products, Sri Lanka are available.

  • Greenhouse Materials and Hardware

    Greenhouse Materials and Hardware

    Spider Drippers DH 4.75 + 10%. Dripper pipe 1mm DH 190/500m roll + 10%. Plant support ropes and clips. Pumps. Reserve water tank to nutrient tank 2″. Nutrient feed to crops 2″. Return nutrient to main nutrient tank 1.5″. PVC piping and fittings. Nutrient Tanks 3 x 200L @300 + 10%. Reserve Water Tank 1,000 Gal. Main Nutrient Tank 1,000 Gal. Return Nutrient Tank 500 Gal. Filter and UV treatment for return nutrient. Wiring, switches and...