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  • Terri - Model 34 - Forwarder/Harvester

    Terri - Model 34 - Forwarder/Harvester

    Terri 34 is the latest of the Terri forestry machines. Just like its predecessors it is a light, flexible machine, easy to use on all sorts of land. This new generation has, however, been developed on several important details. In order to increase both the loading area (1,5 m2, 1860 or sq ft) and the stability, the machine has been made wider, to 1.9 meters (6,2 ft). The three-wheel bogie has increased the driver comfort and the cabin has been raised...

  • TERRI - Model 3020 - Harvester

    TERRI - Model 3020 - Harvester

    The model 3020 is a development of the TERRI 34. It is smaller than the 34; its size resembles more its predecessors 2020 and 2040. The technology has developed and in the TERRI 3020 there is a lot of new technology, developed especially for the 34. For instance full hydrostatic propulsion. It still has a spacious cabin and is just as flexible in the forest as its predecessors. Our demonstration machine is equipped with a Farma 3.6 meter (11,8 ft)...