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  • Slurry Basement

  • Channel Walls

    Channel Walls

    Channel walls for construction of slurry basements - Modular wall elements for interior and exterior walls - Precise and level bearings for the slatted flooring - Customized elements for new buildings and rebuildings - Easy and fast assembly - Shortened building time - Concrete strength class C35/45

  • Inner Walls

    Inner Walls

    Inner channel walls made of precast parts - quality and precision. Following the trend towards new systems in agriculture, Greten developed a new product series: inner channel wall modules. Until now slurry basements have always been made using conventional methods of construction. Noticeable uneven spots in the bearing surface for the slat panels are a great disadvantage of these methods of construction. Greten prefabricated channel...

  • Outer Walls

    Outer Walls

    Outer wall elements for construction of slurry basements are a new addition to the Greten product range. Like inner channel walls, they are a valuable asset to agricultural construction. The advantages of the inner channel walls are also reflected in the outer walls. One special advantage is that the outer walls can be erected on the fine level for the bottom. At the same time they form the enclosure for the foundation slab

  • Slat Panels for Porkers

  • Fourfold Slat Panel

    Fourfold Slat Panel

    Pig fattening slat panel, '17 mm', (quadruplet grates) with type statics up to 250 kg animal weight. The Greten quadruplet grate is currently the most favored slat panel for pig fattening. The product features an optimized tread area to slot width ratio which meets the standard DIN EN 12737 load class B2/B3.. An improved manure removal edge prevents manure residues from accumulating in the slots. The animals can walk on the slat...

  • Model 17 mm - Cross-Slat Panels

    Model 17 mm - Cross-Slat Panels

    The Greten cross-slat panel was developed for pig fattening. This product has a u-profile in the transverse section. This made it possible to reduce the transverse slots between the two supporting ribs to a height of 5 cm. This construction reduces the adhesion of manure to the sides of the slots. In addition, the weight of the element is reduced, which facilitates installation of the slat panels.

  • Sandwich Walls Pig Fattening Barns

  • Exterior Sandwich Walls

    Exterior Sandwich Walls

    Concrete sandwich walls - durable and energy-saving. It is still true that time is money. However, energy costs play an increasingly big role as well. Rest assured that the concrete sandwich walls manufactured by Greten take this into account. Top-quality perimeter insulation (thermal conductivity 0.35) ensures great heat-insulation properties. The wall design with an internal leaf 14 cm thick, insulation 10 cm thick, and a concrete...

  • Mobile Silos

  • Silo Wall Components Greten System

    Silo Wall Components Greten System

    The Greten mobile silo components complement the range of existing mobile silo products. The construction of the components makes assembly easy. All prefabricated components are made of concrete from the strength class C 35/45 and follow DIN 11622.