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Algoid Technologies

Algoid Technologies

Algoid Technologies, a certified State of Florida Aquaculture Facility, is a division of Faremax, Inc., that has been involved in aquaculture as a diverse and up-to-the-minute technology, creating research and development on the use of microalgae across several different commercial uses and industries. This is what Algoid Technologies is so excited about—the untapped resource which can save its fish-producing clients money by reducing approximately one-third of their operating expenses by creating the perfect substitute for fishmeal. Fish farming has gained importance in today’s market because of the awareness of fish consumption for its edible, lean meat and its essential fatty acid omega-3s. By using microalgae to feed the fish, the aquaculture will produce healthy and bacteria-free environments for the fish to maintain their longevity and their owner’s profit-making ability.

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6039 Collins Avenue, Ste 1608 , Miami Beach , Florida 33140 USA
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Microalgae use has become the “New Green Revolution,” providing these single-cell plants that are at the start of the aquatic food chain which contain amino acids, vitamins, and all known minerals that provide nutrition and help to maintain health on every level when consumed by animal sources.

Microalgae is microscopic algae plants found in freshwater and marine systems. They produce approximately half of the atmospheric oxygen and use the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide to grow photoautotrophically. These plants perform photosynthesis without having roots, stems, or leaves. At this point, microalgae is an almost untapped resource, with only a handful of species being used out of perhaps 800,000 species.

Several other important industries are also being affected by the “New Green Revolution” of microalgae use. These include the cosmetic industry with the extract of microalgae being used in the production of soaps, moisturizers, cleansers, and even some anti-wrinkle cosmetics. With the hydrating and antioxidant properties of these evolving microalgae extract uses, the biotechnology has contributed tremendously to cosmetic production.

And of course the use of microalgae oil in the production of biofuel is perhaps one of the most important break-throughs. This process is currently being tapped, and Algoid Technologies is excited to be a part of the handful of companies to create a biodegradable fuel oil  that is relatively harmless to the environment and will help to eventually replace fossil fuels which are becoming unsustainable.

All of these current and future projects are brought about by the creation of scientists and technologists who have the foresight to see the many varied and creative uses of microalgae.