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  • Two Piece Cattle Tags

  • Global Super Maxi Female Cattle Tag

    Global Super Maxi Female Cattle Tag

    The Global Super Maxi Female is our largest cattle tag. It is outstanding for long distance reading in the paddock and the long neck means you can read the panel in even in hairy-eared cattle.  With a large surface area for marking; the Global Super Maxi Female is the biggest visual tag on the market.

  • Global Medium Female Cattle Tag

    Global Medium Female Cattle Tag

    The Global Medium Female is ideally suited to various applications, including calves, hogs, goats and sheep. It has higher retention, a wide range of printing options and is generally used with a Global Small Male tag. Use of the Global Medium Female tag and Global Small Male tag combination means you can easily read your animals ID from almost any angle.

  • Readers

  • Model 8152 and 8152B - Automated Race Antennas

    Model 8152 and 8152B - Automated Race Antennas

    Compatible with all major scales and software Can be set up directly to a scale indicator, laptop and PDA Range of distinctive tones and bright LED indicators Optional Bluetooth Capability

  • Aleis - Model 7020 - One-Piece Handhelds

    Aleis - Model 7020 - One-Piece Handhelds

    The Aleis 7020 RF ID Reader is perfectly suited for all RFID identification situations with its powerful reading ability and storage capacity of up to 10,000 RFID numbers. Distinctive tones and bright LEDs identify when an animal RFID has been read and stored. A visual screen displays animal count as you read.

  • Syringes & Accessories

  • Multi Purpose Dosing Instruments

    Multi Purpose Dosing Instruments

    12.5ml, 30ml and 70ml sizes available. Automatic self-filling syringe. Easy set dial-a-dosage with easy view dosage window. 12.5EM-SDP adjustable dosage from .5ml to 12.5ml. 30EM-SDP adjustable dosage from .5ml to 30ml. 70EM-SDP adjustable dosage from 20ml to 70ml. Tips included for Injector, Drencher and Pour On applications. Replaceable front valve and spring with lock-in-place featureRemovable barrel for cleaning. Durable Plastic Design. Easy...

  • Injection Bar for Swine

    Injection Bar for Swine

    Allows for increased distance to breeding animals. Enhanced user safety. Reduce user exposure to crates and gating. Time saving for mass vaccinations. Long lasting strong and durable Carbon-metal design. Heavy metal luer needle lock. Bend protection for tubing. Ergonomic and light weight. Optimized for use with Allflex syringe line. Bar Length: 17 inch (43cm). Length with Handle: 24 inch (61cm).