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  • Pullets - Multi-Tier Modular Cages

    Pullets - Multi-Tier Modular Cages

    The equipment for pullets aremulti-tier modular cagesfor battery farming, which are designedto house the chicksuntil sexual maturity when they will be transferred to facilities for laying hens. The “Baby Belt 10” was created to respond to the need for the widest range of uses and combinations, so the farmer would befree to choose the very best solution.

  • Multi Tier Laying Hens

    Multi Tier Laying Hens

    The equipment for laying hens is amulti-tier design to housethe birdslike all Valli technology. The “B.E.10” models ensure maximum reliability and ease of operation;they guarantee the very highest standardsof welfareto ensure optimum production. Thanks to the WIRE PARTITIONS, the birds have excellent air ventilation and optimum light conditions. The CAGE DOORS, with both partial and full opening alternatives, have no corners or sharp edges...

  • Enriched Colonies for Eggs Product

    Enriched Colonies for Eggs Product

    The studies carried out since 1999 by the Valli group on enriched colonies, in compliance with the relevant European directive, have enabled us to develop and test the “Space Colony” project which aimsto create the best possible habitat for birdsas regards enrichment accessories. Hence, we have created the models with theNEST at the BACK, as the standard design, and theNEST in the FRONTto shorten the run out of eggs and improve the...

  • Broiler


    The project “Broiler Best” is the most advanced solution now available and has been developed thanks to the experience gained since the production of the earliest cages produced by VALLI for broilers, back in 1968. These cages provide comfortable and spacious colonies, with a surface area of roughly 4.5 m2 each, and have been designed to house over 200 kilograms of birds; these have replaced the old cages and combine the benefits of floor...

  • Feed Hopper

    Feed Hopper

    The VALLI FEED HOPPER is used with equipment for PULLETS, LAYING HENS and BREEDERS. This patented system is unique and comprises independent hoppers, which run on the rounded, outer side of the troughs. The system can be programmed to choose both the number of runs and the waiting period at the end of the forward run. The hoppers have been carefully designed to avoid the feed being compressed or upset the mix of the feed. VALLI also...

  • Egg Collection System

    Egg Collection System

    In all the equipment for LAYING HENS and BREEDERS, the eggs roll down afloating floorin wire-mesh with a slope of 6.5 – 7 degrees to the egg channels. The self-cleaning egg belt supports are supplied as standard, while there is an optional cleaning system that will deliver a jet of air that is channelled over the eggs. In addition to the baffle for egg protection it is also possible to install a baffle-wire and the egg-stop wire.

  • Conveyor Belt

    Conveyor Belt

    All VALLI state-of-the-art equipment is designed to remove manure by conveyor belt. Each tier of the colonies or cages has a 1 mm thick polypropylene belt for the Pullet, Laying hens and Breeders equipment, while that of the Broilers is 1.2 mm thick. The belt is supported by concave profile lateral crossbars. A geared motor for each tier and belt is connected directly to the driving roller with no transmission chain present.