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  • Grain Handling Equipment - Conveyors

  • Chain and Flight Conveyors

    Chain and Flight Conveyors

    Chain and flight conveyors offer another cost effective option frequently used for most free flowing and semi-free flowing powders, grains, flakes and pellets. The material conveyed, throughput, application, degradation and abrasiveness are all factors in determining the conveyor configuration and chain type required. The following are amongst those on offer from Allmet:

  • Grain Handling Equipment - Elevators

  • Elevators


    If you are looking for a hard wearing elevator for free and semi-free flowing materials such as grain and feeds, the belt and bucket elevator offers a simple and effective solution, options include:

  • Grain Handling Equipment - Cleaners and Seperators

  • Cleaners and Graders

    Cleaners and Graders

    Keeping your harvested grain in tip top condition will help you generate the best income, and grain cleaners can help you to achieve this.

  • Grain Handling Equipment - Dust Separation

  • Model DC - Remover System

    Model DC - Remover System

    This is a complete system with cleaning unit, fan unit with motor and cyclone. The components are manufactured from galvanised steel plate. The system is designed for rough cleaning of grain and cleans away dust, husks and lighter straw. Cleaning is most effective at the lower capacity level and optimum cleaning results are only obtained with the complete system.