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  • Grain Handling Equipment - Dust Separation

  • Model DC - Remover System

    Model DC - Remover System

    This is a complete system with cleaning unit, fan unit with motor and cyclone. The components are manufactured from galvanised steel plate. The system is designed for rough cleaning of grain and cleans away dust, husks and lighter straw. Cleaning is most effective at the lower capacity level and optimum cleaning results are only obtained with the complete system.

  • Allmet - Aspirator

    Allmet - Aspirator

    The Aspirator is intended for dust separation of grain and other granular materials, and has a good output, despite its small size. Aspirators remove dust, chaff, light grains and other impurities from grain. You can opt for a traditional 'dust and chaff' aspirator, with capacities from 30-150tph. This works by spreading the grain over a screen and uses air to vacuum the grain clean. Alternatively the heavy duty aspirator uses a built-in duct to...