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  • ISOLynx - Touch Screen Controller

    ISOLynx - Touch Screen Controller

    Imagine being able to choose your receiver, your steering, and your controller. That is what choice is all about. ISOLynx is a dynamic controller. You do not have to repurchase components that you already have to use the ISOLynx controller.

  • FieldLynx - Controller and Machine information

    FieldLynx - Controller and Machine information

    Controller and Machine information at your fingertips. One web location to access data, Troubleshoot VRT setup, Verify machine operation in real time, Check status of a job instantly.

  • Hydraulic Systems

    Hydraulic Systems

    We are experts in Hydraulic Steering and Boom Hydraulic controls.

  • Steering Controller

    Steering Controller

    For Class 1 and 2 tractors, OEM installed Valving, Controller to ensure functionality; meets stringent OEM requirements, Can adapt with OEM machine protocols (J1939, CAN, etc.), Can interface with OEM User Interface or with ISO VT interfaces, OEM setup either via machine screen, service tool, laptop, OEM can decide features, interface, diagnostics, calibration, etc. Integrates with OEM safety circuits.